Your message to the world... in a Bottle

Write your message, place it in a bottle, launch it into the sunset. Meeting new people has never been so simple.

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What are Bottled Features?

Bottled is packed with many features
starting with you and your bottle.


You might be alone on the island. But put your message inside the empty bottle of rum to find another user.


Why not pass your message to the friendly Octopus? He will deliver your bottle to 8 users.


Guide your bottle in the exact direction you want it. Choose the country you want to receive it.

Gold Coins

Earn rewards for interacting with the users all around the globe! You're going to want to use these gold coins to assist your future bottles.

Chat with Others

Every bottle you send out will be read by someone else, exciting eh? No matter where you are someone will always want to speak to you!


Blow your whistle and get the Captain to test your knowledge with a random question. You're going to want to get this right in order to get the gold.

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